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Beach Soccer Jam


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What is Beach Soccer Jam?

Beach Soccer Jam is a Faster, Hotter Version of the World's most Popular Sport!

A soft sand surface allows players to try diving headers, bicycle kicks and exciting tricks more freely. The sport is spectacular. The sand adds another dimension to the sport, putting aerobic strength, teamwork and individual skills to the test.

Coaches tell us that Fiesta Island has the perfect depth of sand allowing players to have more fun while developing their ball control and shooting skills.

Perfect depth means that while there is obviously lots of sand, player's feet don't sink too deep into it making it difficult to run and maneuver the ball. This results in players having much more fun.

The ball is in the air most of the time, with quick flicks, juggling and volleying all becoming increasingly important in order to stay away from an unpredictable surface. There are an average of sixty shots at goal and eleven goals per game at the pro beach soccer level so it's not surprising that it has been dubbed a "soccer highlight show" by the media.

Make your plans now to have your team register at the next Beach Soccer Jam in April!

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How many players can I have on my team?

  • 2010 through 2007 teams must have a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 14.
  • 2006 and older teams must have a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 16.

Games are played 5 v 5, with the exception of 2010 - 2008 which are 6 v 6.

What age group do we register our team in?

Register your team using the birth date of the oldest player using calendar year system.  For example, if your oldest player was born in 2004, then register your team in the 2004 age group.

If we have a large team and want to make 2 teams so that all our players can participate, is there a special price for the 2nd half of the team?

Yes, the 2nd half of the team can register as another team and will receive a discount of $200. We hope you find this special program beneficial to your team.

Please follow these steps:

  • Register your 1st team, make sure you "Submit Application" when complete and make your payment.
  • Register your 2nd (split team), make sure you "Submit Application" when complete and select the payment by check option.
  • Email us at with both team names and confirm you've registered and submitted both teams as shown in the 2 above steps.

Once we receive your email confirmation, we'll go in and adjust the price accordingly on the 2nd split half of the team and email you back when we've done so.  You can then log back in and complete the proper payment for the 2nd split half of the team.

Can AYSO teams play in Beach Soccer Jam?

Definitely Yes. AYSO teams simply need to have the following items:

  1. Player Registration Form / Medical Release
  2. Player Cards

Beach Soccer Jam is not an AYSO sanctioned event.  Coaches and players who wish to participate in Beach Soccer Jam may do so as long as they are aware that they are NOT covered under AYSO accident insurance.

AYSO does not permit their logo to be worn during any beach soccer events, which is fine because we encourage all teams to be creative with their uniforms for our "Best Team Uniform" contest.  Don't forget about our "Best Team Name" contest also, so be sure to pick a great team name too...

Do our team jerseys have to have numbers on them and do we need 2 sets of jerseys?

No, numbers are not required. All teams should have 2 different color sets of jerseys or colored bibs so that there are no color conflicts during games. 



Is parking available on the Beach Soccer Jam venue?

Yes, we have free parking on the venue itself and when filled there is additional parking within close walking distance.

Can I bring my motorhome?

Yes, buy please note that the City of San Diego prohibits overnight parking of any vehicle, including motorhome's.

Fiesta Island officially closes at 10:00pm and the City of San Diego requires all vehicles off the island. There is nearby motorhome parking available at:



Are games played on both Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, games are played on both days.

What happens if the weather is not sunny?

San Diego has great weather and is the perfect place for Beach Soccer. The average San Diego high temperature in April/May is 68°F. Beach Soccer Jam games are played regardless of the weather, rain or shine.



Can I bring my dog (or any other animal) to Beach Soccer Jam?

No.  Sorry, but our City of San Diego issued permit nor our insurance carrier allow us to have dogs (or any other animals) at Beach Soccer Jam. For obvious reasons, this is a Zero Tolerance policy, so please inform everyone in your league and on your team including players, families and friends. We do not want to cause anyone to become upset because they did not know.

Is there any food at Beach Soccer Jam?

Yes, we have great food options and carefully review your comments about our food vendors annually to ensure we offer you great food choices. We only invite and accept food vendors whose food we look forward to eating ourselves. Mmmm...

Can I bring my BBQ to Beach Soccer Jam?

Yes and No - Our permitting does not allow for BBQ's to be anywhere on our Beach Soccer Jam venue. You may bring a BBQ to Fiesta Island, but it must be used just outside of Beach Soccer Jam by the beach where the fire pits are. This is very close to our venue and if you arrive early enough, you may be able to park your car very near to fire pits for a great evening experience. Great for smores and plain old fun.

Does Fiesta Island close and if so what time do we have to be off the island?

Fiesta Island officially closes at 10:00pm and the City of San Diego requires that all cars be off the island at that time.